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Voltage Stabilizers

We manufacture and export a wide range of voltage stabilizers, such as automatic stabilizers, manual stabilizers, servo controlled stabilizers and CVT stabilizer. Offered at competitive prices, our Stabilizers help in protecting electrical appliances from damages caused due to fluctuations in the voltages of the power supply.

Automatic Stabilizers
Available with us is a quality range of automatic stabilizers that offers stable input voltage and helps in regulating voltage fluctuations. Therefore, our automatic stabilizers protects electrical parts from damage due to overload. These automatic stabilizers are primarily auto wound transformers that are provided with helical coils mounted on a conventional laminated core. There are carbon rollers electrically connected to the output terminals and traversing the length of the coil track, resulting in variable voltage. Our Automatic Stabilizer is suitable for application with air conditioners and domestic gadgets.


Manual Stabilizers
We offer our clients with superior quality manual stabilizers that are strictly checked for optimum quality by checking each unit, individually. These manual stabilizers are designed keeping in mind the fluctuations occurring in the main line power supply, so that these can competently stabilize output voltages.
Our manual stabilizers are available in the following two types:

  • Air-cooled stabilizer
  • Oil cooled stabilizer
  • These are easy to use, as they can be operated manually
  • Our stabilizers yield higher efficiency
  • These are easy to move, since they are fitted with wheels
  • Come with a display of analog/ digital voltage and an ampere meter
  • These come with over load protection
  • Oil cooled unit


CVT Stabilizers
We are instrumental in offering our clients with a wide range of CVT Stabilizers that is demanded by our clients for controlling fluctuation in the mains supply. Offered at competitive prices, our CVT stabilizers find application in diverse industries. Further, we can also customize these as per the requirements of our clients.


Servo Stabilizers
We fabricate and design optimum quality servo stabilizers endowed with the cutting edge technology. Our gamut of servo stabilizers comes in the capacity that range from 1 KVA till 500 KVA for single phase and three phase applications. Our range of stabilizers has the capability to supply constant voltage to machines. This consistent supply makes them quite advantageous for use in hospitals and other industries. Manufactured from quality raw materials, our entire gamut is designed that they can take more surges loads.


Oil Cooled Stabilizers
Our oil cooled stabilizers are specifically developed and designed to control the voltages fluctuation, with virtually flawless electronic circuitry. These stabilizers are widely acknowledged smooth functioning and reliability.